5 Responses to “my ge refrigerator or freezer is suddenly not getting cold. any idea on what to check? help?”


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  1. oldguy

    most likely the compressor died due to the oil in it getting old. best be looking for a new onw or good used one.

  2. Sonny

    Call your repairman….A lay person such, as yourself, is much better off calling in a professional instead of risking more damage and having to buy a new unit.

  3. dvdacmn

    i assume you have power the compressor not coming on right by the light theres a small place for a slot screwdriver turn it its your defrost timer it might be stuck in the off position if thats what is is replace it

  4. adm5600

    check to see that the fan in the freezer is running. Many times they don’t defrost enough and freeze. Allow the ice to melt & see that the fan runs. You will have to hold the light button depressed with the freezer door open to check this fan

  5. Don B

    Be sure and see if your breaker was tripped. Plug another appliance into the same socket (maybe a radio), and make sure the plugin has electricity.

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