The Fairies Chamber Houses for Sale (2024)

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The Fairies Chamber Houses for Sale (1)

This is the second ocean-themed fairy house that I have purchased from this seller and this one is just as delightful! There are so many wonderful details in the house. I particularly like the mermaid mural and the wee hammock attached to the roof section. One nice feature is that the lid comes off these houses, making it easy to position a small fairy inside. Seller was a pleasure to work with and included a sweet poem and a little glass stone with a fairy image on it as an extra gift. I highly recommend these unique houses! - Barbara

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Houses for Sale

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The Fairy Sisters Tea & Toast Tavern in Honey Pot Forest

Great piece for Jolly Old England lovers, as well as Inn and Teahouse owners!

Inspired by my love of English teatime and Bed & Breakfast stays, I just had to create this enchanting piece for The Fairy Sisters Tea & Toast Tavern in Honey Pot Forest. The outside finish is vintage cream on gesso (a paint medium). Soft and dark brown caramel hues are used for the trim. The shingled roof lifts up on one side to reveal a fairy sister's bedroom with bed, dresser, sink, and a hearth with a fire. "It’s Teatime" in the main hall. The table is set with a tea set and sweet cakes. The hearth is a die-cut wooden teapot. There are natural, handmade, and synthetic adornments throughout. The fairy sisters allow the Queen Bee Honey Company to operate out back in the natural oak trunk I built into the back wall.

SOLD -The Hobbit House Not Far from Bree Shire

For those who love the ancient forests and the hobbits who live there

Price: $110 (includes tax and shipping)

Dimensions: 8-1/2" h x 6" w

The Hobbit of "not too far from Bree Shire" is a whimsical piece in honor of a certain epic movie of our time. The exterior is made of stucco with tiny stones to provide a decorative finish. Its quarter-green shingled roof, made of green and tan moss, lifts up to reveal a bed with nightstand, candle, journal, and feather pen. I created a clay chimney of deep bright orange-and-white polka dots. The orange in this house, along with the green hues throughout, pay tribute to our hobbit lovers in Ireland. The main room has a miniature big hearth on the back wall with a hanging red kettle, a table with food, the hobbit's rocking chair, an alcove with an orange peel roof above the guest bed, and a round built-in birch cabinet. Decorated with candles, kindling sticks pot, a map of middle earth, and other embellishments, both natural and recycled will make you say, "I want to live in there with the hobbit."

Builder of Fairy Homes in Moss Wood​

A great gift for any craftsperson who appreciates exquisite life-like details

Price: $129 (includes tax and shipping) SOLD 11/2021

Dimensions:7" h x 9" w x 7" d

Do fairies build their own houses? Maybe they have help. I made this abode in memory of my dad, who was a carpenter. He taught me how to appreciate nature and life! The moss-covered removable roof is painted a deep forest green. The exterior and interior walls are built of stucco with tiny stones. The wood floor, stained a soft terracotta, has wood-burn designs. Built-in shelving holds dinnerware, veggies, and books. The kitchen table is set for dinner. The chair is built to look like a house with a ruler for the chimney. Step out back to a grass- and sea-glass-covered patio to find the work bench with tools. I recycled a tea steeper in the shape of a house for the mailbox. Under the roof is a cozy bed, made from an embroidered womans purse that I recycled.

SOLD - Enchanted Fairy Castle

A perfect decorative piece for those who love princesses and the magic of fairy tales

Price: $99 (includes tax and shipping)

Dimensions:18" h x 12" w x 5-1/2" d closed

This enchanted castle will have you thinking, "Once upon a time . . ." The castle is home tofive miniature fairies.The soft pink and gray painted hues sparkle, with granite block edging made from recycled cork. There are two lookout towers. The castle closes like a storybook with a latch. You will see Rapunzel's room and Snow White's little glass resting place. The castle also includes a queen's bedroom, a library, and a sitting room with fireplace and table. You'll also see Beauty's bedroom with a hanging glass dome that holds the enchanted rose. A music room reveals the magic harp stored there. A tiny conservatory is decorated with fountain, flora, and Cinderella's pumpkin. If you look carefully, you'll find a secret compartment that pulls out. The handmade furniture throughout is made from recycled materials.

SOLD -The Fairy of Harvest and Abundance

A great gift for those who love the colors and textures of all things autumn

Price: $45.00(includes tax and shipping)

Dimensions:12" h x 12" d

The Fairy of Harvest and Abundance lives in a house decorated with the warm colors of autumn, using natural and silk flora throughout. Her linens are stored in a hanging basket. Dry moss and stone, as well as real acorn shingles filled with corn kernels, surround the roof and house. The seeds, real dried apple, and fruits and herbs in the house remind us that the inhabitant is always busy, putting by and selling before the winter ahead. You will also find real crystals, tea leaves, and fairy dust for healing. Her house is also decorated with a fresh water jug and metal cup, painted flowers on a mirror, a log book for sales, a broom, and hanging herbs on the walls. She makes time to rest in her cozy daybed, while roasting parsnips and carrots on her tiny stove. Magically enchanting, and replete with nature’s bounty, this house reminds us tosow, reap, share, and be thankful.

Sea Fairy Island SOLD

SOLD-The Fairies of Summer in Hidden Oak Forest

Remind the gardener in your life of the buzz and beauty of warm summer days

Price: ON SALE$48.99 (was $120)(includes tax and shipping)

Dimensions: 15" h x 8" w x 11" d

The summer fairies are dancing in the meadow, so turn the hour glass, have a tomato, and WAIT! for their return! The tall broomstick twigs are grown in my garden. The house is made of wood and covered in natural oak bark and the trim is painted a bright sunny yellow and lime green. The grounds are moss-covered with a sea glass path that leads to the vegetable garden. There is a natural oak balcony with a dried blood-orange peel awning. I recycled a dropper to catch rainwater. The house is scented with lavender seeds on leaves and summer adornments are sprinkled throughout. Find the bee, bird, and ladybug, the frog and the pig. A bright metal sun god is smiling up from the garden floor.Inside you'll see a tiny hearth, bottle cap kitchen table, a toadstool chair, and a sofa made from fresh nutmeg. A baby dragon is perched up above on the platform at the foot of a white iron cozy bed. This piece reminds us to enjoy the summer, find contentment in the garden, and take time to rest and play in the summer sun.

SOLD - Fairies Secret Garden

Nature and garden lovers will be enchanted by the fairies' secret garden hideaway

Price: $95 (includes tax and shipping)

Dimensions: 7" h x 10" w x 13" d

The Fairies Secret Garden sits on a stained wood base covered in deep green grass. Bark from cedar and oak form the garden walls and die-cut wood pieces create the windows. A stone gate made from granite clay has a metal trellis and a swinging door for all to enter. In the center a stone eternity path leads to a crystal ball. Benches and a handmade fountain under a leaf gazebo, glow-in-the-dark mushrooms, a snail, and other creatures adorn this decorative piece. Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella décor were added. Candles, little creatures, and a secret door make this a magical piece.

SOLD -Fairy Shop of Sweeties

A great gift for someone who loves the holidays with its gingerbread houses and delicious sweets

Price: $65 (includes tax and shipping)

Dimensions: 10-1/2" h x 7-1/2 w

Inspired by the witch's gingerbread house in the story of Hansel and Gretel, I created this holiday piece, which is the shop of Sugar Plum S. Sweetheart fairy. The house is trimmed in clay gingerbread and candies. The colorful roof is made of red shingles and green moss and adorned with little gingerbread people and a peppermint chimney made of clay. A set of tiny steps for sweet peepers at the window reveal a miniature gingerbread house! Inside the shop there are cakes, cookies, and candy to barter. A table for tea, a jar of spun sugar, fairy recipe book, and cookie cutters complete the kitchen. The walls are decked out for the holidays. Sugar Plum's bed is under the removable roof. This is a one-of-a-kind, charming fairy chamber!

SOLD -Willow of the Oaks Wise Fairy

A great gift for honoring womanhood, wisdom, and nature.

Price: $85 (includes tax and shipping)

Dimensions: 15" h x 8" w x 8" d

The Willow of the Oaks Wise Fairy lives in this six-sided home covered in sturdy oak bark, grass, moss, and broomstick twigs. Under the roof is Willow’s bed made from a dried milkweed pod. Her nightlight is a tiny white glass tulip, recycled from a human's bracelet. Peek inside through the "tree of life" back window or enter through the front door to sit by the hearth with its ornamental hanging pot and a pile of kindling wood. Writing books and collecting maps, the wise fairy has traveled the world, telling stories and giving advice to all. A framed picture of her as a girl with her owl friend hangs on the wall. She grows mushrooms in a glass terrarium on the side of the house. Her table is set with a tiny loaf of bread, a pistachio nut she found in Italy, and a dried mulberry fruit. Under the house lives a tiny gnome named Noah, with Teraclese the Tortoise, helping and protecting Willow from pesky beasties.

SOLD -The Sea Fairy at 999 Driftwood Cove

Add a whimsical touch to the home of afairy, ocean or beach lover

Price: $75 (includes tax and shipping)

Dimensions: 11" h x 7" d

​​The Sea Fairy at 999 Driftwood Cove lives in a round home. The peaked roof is covered with driftwood and shells, lobster claws and a sand dollar collected from Plum Island in Newburyport, MA. The chamber is painted a soft white in and out with a stucco-and-sand finish around the bottom. Green moss and a shell canopy adorn the door. As you walk around the exterior you will see a green recycled net with sea treasures and a metal octopus that surrounds the porthole window. A framed photo of a mermaid suits the style of this house's inhabitant. A quartz crystal hangs from the wall for protection. Swim inside and you will find a table with food and a wine bottle, starfish, fairy dust, a turtle and more sea fairy treasures. Under the roof is the sea fairy’s shell bed surrounded by a blue and green sheer ribbon to give the effect of water and her skin hangs on the wall when she comes on dry land.

The Fairies Chamber Houses for Sale (2024)
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